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52Frames - Week 3: Wabi-Sabi!

"The Family Jewel (at least in my mind)"

This is Cory - a 1950 Dodge Coronet and she was my maternal great-grandmother's last car. I was fortunate to know my great-grandma because I was 19 when she passed. GrGma never drove in my lifetime, but Cory was well cared for while she was alive. Unfortunately in the last 28 yrs, she hasn't been as well tended as she needed to be. So a little over a year ago I was able to have her make the cross-country trip and join me on the East Coast. It is now my opportunity (w/husband & son) to bring her back to life and put her on the road again.

Cory may have age spots (the rust that started about 10 yrs ago), but she's still a beauty to me. With some engine work, she'll be cruising again! And she doesn't need any plastic surgery, but we're still debating on the "hair dye" (paint job).


Here's another couple photos I took of Cory this week for the #52Frames weekly challenge.

And here are some photos of Cory the day she arrived on the East Coast.

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