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52Frames 2022 - Week 10: Low Key

“Ode to Our Ancestors (Photography Ancestors)”

Can you imagine trying to accomplish the 52Frames challenge of the week with equipment like this? I can't.

Imagine how much greater the great photographers were than we are today, because they accomplished amazing photographs that we still reference 50, 75, or even more than 100 years ago.

Furthermore, put yourself in the shoes of the first photographers & how they must have jumped with joy when their photo was as they imagined it. With the cameras of old, the plates, the film, the developing, the waiting... how much more pride was there in a job well done?

We are incredibly blessed to be able to snap a photo, view it on a screen, delete, or manipulate it until we're happy. So whether you're SOOC this week or made some adjustments, give a moment to think about those who came before us!

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