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52Frames 2022 - Week 52: Redo

“ And the Ice Begins to Melt! ”

We had quite the cold snap, much like most of the US around Christmas. The marina froze up pretty well - as well as too many pipes in the neighborhood. On Friday my son, who's home from college for the break, took Fiona our poodle out for a sunset walk. It was a warm day for the end of December, and the ice had been slowly melting since Tuesday, lending itself to different colors and textures, especially with the sun's low position near dusk. I was hoping he would walk the dog around the back and below our balcony and sure enough, I got to capture him looking at the ice. On the other hand, Fiona is a momma's dog and was looking for me! This is a redo of "Shoot from Above" which I never really liked. So same balcony - a different side of it and a very different view.

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