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52Frames - Week 52: 2020 in a Photo

“Ode to 2020 - Darkness and Light”

What's more iconic in 2020 than a roll of toilet paper? It speaks volumes regarding this year, human nature, & fears. This year had so much bad - it's almost all the news covered every day. The shadows swallowing us more by the hour & the desperation of family & neighbors is noticeable. The negative was easy to photograph this week & I did, but I wanted more. There's more to represent 2020. I've also found beauty & light in the past year & I represented that with the orchid. Some of the beauty found is nature rebalancing, families prioritizing time together, & people evaluating life choices. The magnifying glass is a reflection on our analysis of our lives. We've been forced to look at our choices, our communities, & our futures. What have you learned in the darkness & light of 2020?

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