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52Frames - Week 47: Circle

“ Family Circle Time Warp ”

This is the steering wheel of my great-grandmother's last car. This is the only car I knew she drove. My grandfather received it when she passed away & that made sense since he took care of it while she was alive. Grandpa gave it to my mother before he passed, and 2 years ago my mom let me have it. Cory (that's the car) started her driving life in California, but has lived in several states & like me is a transplant to the East Coast. Over the last 2 years she's been having some work done, and yesterday we tried to start her up. She's not quite ready to come out of her slumber, but she was talking in her sleep & almost there. It makes my head spin to think about being the 4th generation to drive her. This circle represents so much family life to me; past, present, and future. Beep, beep!

Black & White version...

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