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52Frames - Week 42: Food Photography

“Not Quite Ripe”

So I'm going to be really honest, I dislike food. I really don't enjoy eating and having someone say "let's grab dinner" as a get together is painful for me. I eat to survive and nothing more. So this week's challenge really isn't my thing. That said, I love gardening and growing my food as much as possible. It is soothing while challenging, and it's an incredibly humbling and teaching experience every year. This year I added citrus trees to the little orchard and garden. This is my lime tree which has decided to start budding this week, as the rest of the garden dies and the nights threaten frost. So my "food" is the potential that this bud represents. Out of the dozen buds this week, will I get a lime or two? Ask me in a few months.

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