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52Frames - Week 40: Blue

“Family History in Blue”

For my 52nd photo I had always thought of something abstract, fun, & edgy... not egg-y, but here I am. My life is swamped now & as I walked through my kitchen I realized all the blue items that represent a big piece of my family history. So why not?! My grandparents started a chicken ranch decades ago. By the time I was 4 & lived on the ranch there were a half million chickens in the "backyard" & more on other sites. I learned to collect eggs, candle them, & weigh them for size at a very young age. It was a good learning experience & shaped my life. My grandpa was the 1st president of Western Egg Company & United Egg Producers & I'm told he did a lot of government lobbying, kind of interesting I find myself in politics now. Thanks to my grandparents for the work ethic taught. I remember!

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