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52Frames - Week 39: Use a Tripod

“ Midnight Mischief ”

There's a heron that's been around all summer & he has recently taken over the dock & the turtle float since the Ospreys have left their nest. On Friday night I saw an image in the dark & I could barely make out the heron from my 3rd floor balcony. I grabbed my tripod & quickly set up for a photo knowing he would fly off quickly & he did. A bit later he came back & walked around the dock so I kept taking long shutter photos as he walked, so there's some blurriness in his movements. Compiled 6 photos total. Notes - New phone & I used the night photography setting for the 1st time. I RARELY use a tripod even w/night photos & my DSLR. I bumped the tripod at one point so I shifted the camera a little bit between the first shot of the heron & when he came back a couple hours later.

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