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52Frames - Week 38: Chair

“Octopus Chair at Nonna's”

I have a favorite chair at my condo on the shore - it's my round, barrel, cushy "beachy" chair. It became the sea to the octopus that lives at Nonna's (that's me). My grandkids love the chair for two reasons; it looks like waves & it swivels! It goes round & round & round & is great fun when no one but Nonna is around & watching. Because it looks like waves it is where Pinky the Octopus lives & plays when the kids are there & even when they aren't. Pinky gets the "sea" to himself most days although there are a few other sea creatures that occasionally "swim" into his space. There's Inky & Blue - other octopi, Eyes - a tortoise (who isn't a good swimmer), & Speedy - the turtle: all of whom get their turn in the sea. So come to Nonna's house where you can sit in the sea. Wink! Wink!

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