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52Frames - Week 36: Combine Three Challenges

“ Common Bond - Different Focus ”

This is not the photo I envisioned, but perhaps it is better in sharing than my original plan. Is it as interesting... not sure. The 3 challenges that I combined are: Week 21 - Symmetry & Double Exposure Week 34 - Rule of Odds & Symmetrical Framing Week 35 - Common Object & One Light Source The symmetry, rule of odds, & symmetrical framing are pretty obvious. The double exposure comes into the combination of photos for the images in the cameras. The one light source was my little ring light for my light box which the cameras were placed in. The common object is the camera - at least it is common for all of us. All 4 photos were taken this week. My point in this photo is we all share the camera, but we all have a different focus. Keep on shooting my friends.

#combinethreechallenges #ndbhphotography #nicolebeusharris #cameras #doubleexposure #symmetry #ruleofodds #commonobject #onelightsource


The 3 photos that I inserted into the lenses.

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