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52Frames - Week 32: A New Experience

“An Ant's View”

This week brought Tropical Storm Isaias right over us & provided the new experience of seeing people paddle board & kayak through our town, which I did document in photos. I also tried photographing the sunset clouds with a telescopic lens making the clouds seem like their own planets. The photo I chose this week is what I'm calling "an ant's view." On my way to swim the day after the storm there was this solitary little mushroom in the grass. It was so small, white, & very different from the grass. The next day that tiny little cap was 10x bigger & had spots. What I wanted to know was what did it look like underneath, but I didn't want to disturb it. So I stuck my phone underneath & took 2 photos. What a magical little place to be under. More color than I imagined. Such beauty.

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