52Frames - Week 28: Edited by Someone Else

“Whimsy ”

I really should read the challenges at the beginning of the week, because I was struggling for ideas and subject matter. On Friday I found a friend who agreed to edit my photo for me. I actually sent Michelle 5 photos and she sent me edits of 3 of them. I struggled to choose this week's submission - it was this one or the edit of a waterman's boat that was docked at sunset. Normally I'd go for the boat and honestly I loved her edit so much, I may print it and display it at home. I chose this one though because it is something I have never done before, it's playful and created. Plus Michelle liked the whimsy too. So my lesson for the week... sometimes just do something out of the box, but try not to procrastinate! (Oh and Michelle might join the 52 family.)

#editedbysomeoneelse #ndbhphotography #nicolebeusharris #whimsy #fruit #fish #dreamlike

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