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52Frames - Week 24: Hands

“And Dog Makes Three (and then some)...”

This photo is my son's hand, my hand, & our dog's paw. Our dog actually came with my marriage almost 3 years ago - my son & I had always had cats before that & other than the cats it had been just my son & I as a family for 14.5 years. Even before I got married, Reagan the dog had spent weekends with my son & me when the family was gone. He was really the soft bridge into the 'blendedness' that we now call our family. A family of 2 combined with a family of 6 (plus grandkids) & Reagan was a common bond. Reagan is getting up there in age - he's 13 & for a large dog, that's even more impressive. He's had some problems lately with seizures, stairs, & now needs help getting into the car. That doesn't matter to us - we'll continue to hold him in our hands & always in our hearts.

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