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52Frames - Week 21: Symmetry

“Mirror Image Symmetry?”

These glasses are a great analogy for life's perspective about "what you see is what you get" & how that's not always the truth. Glasses are symmetrical, right? But are your eyes really the same in all the measurements? Mine aren't. These lenses are different although not discernible to someone looking at them. So "what you see is what you get" doesn't apply here. The next time someone says that phrase - know there's always something you don't see.

Symmetry can also give us a sense of calmness in the order it may project, but is it covering a fault? Glasses are correcting your eyes (or shading them if they're sunglasses) - so by wearing glasses you're covering something & yet the balance they bring (like clear vision) can bring the wearer calmness.

This week's photo is my old frames that I loved.

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