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52Frames 2021 - Week 7: Golden Hour

“Miami in Snow”

What a week to have "Golden Hour" when I haven't seen the sun for at least 9 days and most certainly not for sunrise or sunset. So like a lot of fellow framers - we improvise. My way of doing that was to take one of my photos from a Miami sunset and recreate it. I hung the original photo and the sketch of it on my glass door and took this photo during what should have been the golden hour here at home. So I have the best of both worlds now on my door looking outside - the beautiful snow of winter at home and a tropical vacation spot recreated so I might remember what the sun and liquid ice look like when warm. LOL Photo taken using my tripod, a ring light, and remote held in my right hand with the two pencils while adding more strokes of color to the sketch.

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