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52Frames 2021 - Week 6: Single Focal Point

“Bookend Snow Storms”

This week was bookended with snow storms. We started last Sunday through Tuesday morning with snow and we've ended this week with another storm today. So what better subject matter for my single focus?! I love having four seasons of weather and feel robbed if we go a winter without at least one good accumulation. This year it feels different because the snow isn't giving us a day off, a change of pace - it's just another day working/schooling from home with a change of scenery outside. It doesn't feel quite as special. That said today's big, wet, fluffy flakes were better than the beginning of the week's small sand like flakes that took a long time to accumulate. When you don't have to shovel the snow (thank you tractor plow) - it's much more enjoyable and simply pretty.

Alternate images from the week:

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