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52Frames 2021 - Week 43: Walls

“ Walls Aren't Just for Buildings ”

This was a fast photo at 70mph and I was not driving just to clarify that upfront. As we approached this mountain pass on Friday it just struck me how this really is a wall. Carved decades ago for the highway, it stands mightily above the drivers going through the pass. I loved the colors of the rock and the curve of the wall. This week I looked for arches, but couldn't find a one, I'll probably find several on Monday. LOL. I did take several other photos that I personally love because of the story that goes with them. I'll post them on my blog as well. It was another week of trying to figure out which one to choose and second guessing my decision of submission. Did I choose correctly?

Alternate photos for the week:

I did love this outside view of the window wall around the pool.

I almost chose this photo because I loved that you swam under the wall into the outer pool room that is open in the summer. In the winter they put a wall addition to fill in the glass and cuts down through the water to cut off the cold glass room. It's cool, but I'd hate to be looking for a hotel pool and only get this little 16 ft pool in the winter. If you swim through the canal you can only do side stroke or crawl and kick very shallow!

This is the backside of the old cannery wall and the smoke stacks on the front side of the building. I love the mix of materials in the wall and the missing floor. The rest of the old cannery is being rehabbed into a fantastic new city space. I am still wondering what they will do with this wall and the smoke stacks.

Walls of fire and glass!

A different crop of the other outside photo.

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