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52Frames 2021 - Week 24: Door

“ Into the Courthouse ”

The brick walkway directs each person drawing them into the warm oak doors. There's something comforting about the gentle arches and warm glow of the late afternoon sun on the entrance & yet the shadows speak darker tones. The rounded arches repeated in the brick walk are almost like a reflection of the doorways & windows above reminding you of the river that often mirrors its surroundings only feet away. While entering the building may be a scary proposition, depending on the nature of business, the building itself brings comfort with its warmth & repetition. The stories it has to tell - cases, defendants, broken hearts, & new loves - some of each & maybe something more... What ghosts will it share with you when you walk in, or will you become the story it tells down the road? Stay tuned!

Other photos I took for this week's challenge that were not my final choice:

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