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52Frames 2021 - Week 1: Self-Portrait

“A Quick Glimpse”

Do you ever feel like life is so busy that you don't really ever look in the mirror at yourself? I'm talking about both physically and metaphorically looking at yourself. I know that 2020 offered some people a little more down time, but for me it was almost more of a blur with work and life than ever before and then January 1, 2021 came and I found myself dressed for my step-daughter's wedding and took this one quick selfie before heading to the church. Between the year, the wedding, work, and the worst migraine in almost 2 years - I didn't really see myself, just a blur behind me. May 2021 be kinder to all of us than 2020. May we appreciate the slow days and times when we can look in the "mirror" and see ourselves more clearly. May we appreciate the highs and the lows and grow from both.

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