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52Frames 2022 - Week 6: Depth of Field

Updated: Feb 20, 2022

When Condiments Go Bad!

You MUST-A-(hea)RD... condiments can go bad. It may be rare, but KETCH-UP with the news!

When it's dark and quiet in the middle of the night the show downs begin. We should have realized it, but the rivalry is thick between the primary members - Mustard and Ketchup. On one dark and stormy night this week I captured the battle between them and while Mustard was thicker and slower he came out from the shadows and "Hunt"ed for the battle win. RIP dear Ketchup, RIP.

Set up: On my stove top with a black background. The knife is attached to the mustard bottle and again attached to the ketchup bottle. Couldn't shoot 1.4, did 1.5 because that's as low as my phone camera goes. Used a flashlight for the lighting in a dark room. Had this idea as I went to bed and had to see if it could work.

#depthoffield #condiments #ketchup #mustard #NDBHphotography #NicoleBeusHarris #PrimaryColors

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