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October is Liver Cancer Awareness Month

Although Breast Cancer Awareness Month may receive more attention, October is also recognized as Liver Cancer Awareness Month. More than 42,000 people in the U.S. are diagnosed with liver cancer each year, with men being more than twice as likely to be diagnosed with liver cancer than women - in 2021 - about 29,890 men and 12,340 women will be diagnosed. However, there are ways to prevent it or reduce your risk.

Most #LiverCancer cases are caused by chronic infection from hepatitis B or hepatitis C. The best way to prevent hep B is to get vaccinated. There’s no vaccine for hep C, but there are effective treatments that can #PreventCancer. You are also at increased risk if you drink alcohol to excess, smoke, have cirrhosis or hemochromatosis, are obese or a Type 2 diabetic.

It is now recommended that all adults ages 18-79 be screened for hepatitis C. Talk to your doctor about screening today.

Nicole Beus Harris is the spouse of Representative Andy Harris, M.D. Statistics provided by the American Cancer Society -

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