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53Frames - Week 20: Not What You See!

Imagining the Tree Gone

Two factors went into my photo -

1. My love of Magritte.

2. My new raised flower bed.

This is combining 2 photos I took of the front of my house -

1. Closer to the road so the tree hides the path & the front door.

2. Just on the other side of the tree so the path & door was visible.

I merged the two in Photoshop to imagine the view from the street if the tree wasn't there, but in a very Magritte inspired fashion. Here's the backstory: I have wanted a front flower bed for a couple years. Two years ago we just mounded some dirt & threw some plants in it to only have the deer eat everything in two nights. Like is was a serious deer buffet that went out of business really fast. Yum, yum in their tum tums and then the buffet went out of business. Since then the area was empty & SAD!

Over the last two weeks my husband has built the bed between meetings while working from home and on Thursday we PLANTED. It's been 3 nights and no deer snacking. Total WIN!

Here's my Rene Magritte inspiration...

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