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52Frames - Week 47: Blessing

"Family Traits"

I took several photos this week of things and people that would represent a blessing to me. I had one final idea for a photo when my grandmother sent me a pic Sunday evening. The photo was of my grandfather, my dad, my aunt, and myself. My grandfather passed away 7 years ago and my father passed away 5.5 years ago. This photo struck me so much and my son agreed to recreate my dad's pose from it. Family can be a blessing or a curse. Family traits can be a blessing or a curse. We have to focus on the blessings when we can. My son is the biggest blessing to me, my miracle and one and only child. He definitely looks like my dad and has just as big of a heart. He is a blessing, the photo & timing of my grandmother's text was a blessing, & recreating the pose together was perfect.

* This is the photo that inspired the pose. From the left, my grandfather, with my aunt in front of him, my father, with me in front of him, and my uncle with his back towards us.

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