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52Frames - Week 4: Fill the Frame

“Marvelous Marbles”

I have a fascination with marbles. It may stem from childhood and playing marbles with my friends or maybe it's just the way they capture and reflect light. I always pause when I see a jar of marbles in an antique store and until this week, I have always resisted buying them. This particular jar of shooters caught my eye as I was doing close up photos in antique stores for this week's challenge. I tried buttons, yard sticks, and typewriter keys, but the marbles went home with me. While they sat in their jar I tried other photos of roses, lilies, and even almost burned my hands and my camera with photos of fire, but then I got home from my trip and out came the marbles. This was my second photo - only took two, because this one was perfect. Funny how that works sometimes. 


This week more than any other week before - this challenge really interested me and I had a lot of fun taking many different photos. Here are some of my shots from the week - the ones that didn't make the final cut. That said - I still love most of these.

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