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52Frames - Week 22: 50 feet from home

“The Long Pier Metaphor”

The calm water and blue sky surrounded the pier tonight. Such a serene place to sit or walk. The boards are a little uneven, but isn't that part of life - there's always some unevenness or bumps to navigate. It's early enough in the year that the mosquitoes aren't out in force, but you kind of know they're coming later. That's another metaphor for life - there's always some nagging force or pesky situation/person that will crop up and ruin a good time. If you stand still you can just enjoy the cool evening breeze and the beauty all around, but you also won't learn to walk the boards. And like life - the pier comes to an end and there is a deep, dark unknown at the end of the walk. These are the the thoughts I have walking the pier that sits out back as I absorb the beauty of the night. (This photo qualified for the extra credit - "blue hour photography")


Other photos from this week that didn't make the final cut. Is there one that is better in your opinion?

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