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52Frames - Week 2: Leading Lines

"Follow Which Line?"

I took this photo during the first snowfall of 2020 at 10pm. I wasn't planning on using it for the challenge,  because I didn't want to do a road scene.  I looked around for other ideas this week, but found myself uninspired with my other photos unfortunately. On the other hand, this photo does beg the question,  follow which line?  Which line is truly leading your eye?  Do you veer to the left immediately or follow to the light or through the light to the other side?  If I was to take this shot again with a 10 second exposure I would use a tripod because as you can see I'm not very steady for 10 seconds of shutter speed.  


I love photography and this was my 15th week in a row doing the challenge - but sometimes topics just aren't your cup of tea. Here are some other photos I tried, but none of them really captured me.

I probably should have gone with this photo. I definitely like it better overall, but wasn't sure that it met the requirement of "leading lines."

How about this one with the line of bricks leading up to the capitol and then the columns leading upwards to the dome? Thoughts?

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