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52Frames - Week 19: Roll of Film

"Blue Jay Bobbing"

This was a rare week for me because I only took 18 photos all week - that's including work photos. This is my single shot of the blue jay on one of my afternoon walks. I tried to line up several shots of him in the grass, but every time I was almost ready, he would jump or fly a couple feet away. He also flew up and down the block a few times and I had to stand in one place waiting for him to land where I could see him. Working with a live object is always iffy, but I finally pressed the button and he stayed put on this branch for maybe another half second. I had no other imagination or motivation for a photo this week, but I'm pretty happy with the light, shadows, and pop of blue in this one. Now if the elusive cardinal would sit still for a photo. LOL

The challenge this week was to pretend that you only had 1 roll of film (24 photos max) to get the perfect shot. The extra credit was to do a single shot - which I did.

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