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52Frames - Week 15: A Different Angle

"The End" is near!

What does the paper see as the typebar comes speeding towards it? Is it death by a thousand punches or a beatification of its plain existence? I suppose that depends on the typist... are they writing a letter, a great novel, or will the sheet of paper be crumpled & thrown away? There's a lot we could compare between plain paper being used in a typewriter & our own existence. We all start out plain & our daily lives stamp out a story - good or bad. Sometimes we can erase a mistake, sometimes it's too big & we just have to move on. Sometimes a sheet (a day or a week) is perfect & adds happiness to the entire novel. Sometimes the sheet is dark, but adds depth & character. Some days will feel like death by 1,000 punches - some will feel like the beauty brought was worth the pain.

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