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52Frames - Week 1: Self-Portrait

"My Two Environments"

I have lived in many places in the USA, from the Pacific to the Atlantic & in between. For the last 20 years I have called Maryland home & for the last few years I've split my time between the northern area of the state & the beautiful Eastern Shore. My photo this week represents the environment that I live in & want to protect - the wooded hills & the Chesapeake Bay. Both are beautiful & both need protection & care.

This week I took 2 photos to represent both of my home environments & merged them into 1 piece. First at my Shore home I took the sunset picture using my photo ball. Then at my main home I went into our back yard & took my self-portrait holding the photo ball up in front of me. Finally I merged the two photos to give a more accurate picture of my passion for where I live.


This week's challenge was for a Self-Portrait with the extra-credit being an Environmental Self-Portrait. I went for the extra-credit this week because I love the environment in which I live - both Northern Baltimore County and on the Eastern Shore. Both places are worth capturing (although since it is winter - the wooded property isn't quite as beautiful as the Shore.) Andy and I also try to live in a way that cares for the environment around us. We practice organic gardening, we clean up trash when we see it, and we recycle responsibly. We encourage everyone to care for the land around them and help to keep our community clean and beautiful for generations to come.

Here are the 2 photos I merged into the final piece.

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