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52Frames 2023 - Week 7: Chair

“ Eagle Eyes Chair ”

I decided to combine last week's challenge of DoF with this week's "chair". I belong to my local YMCA only because of my love to swim, but the last year has been challenging with a cyst in my knee creating issues with kicking & then pain after my swim. When I am swimming, I am thankful that there is a lifeguard sitting in this chair every day, just in case I truly need some help. What I like about this particular chair is the bright blue. Most other places I have swum have white chairs & I like that this is different and bright. I also laugh when I notice the little note on the back to the lifeguards about not eating or drinking while in the chair. They have a little white plastic chair off to the right if they need to eat or drink while watching the pool. It makes little sense to me. LOL

Reminder to viewers that I have given myself an additional year-long challenge of primarily black and white photography with no more than 30% spot color each week.

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