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52Frames 2023 - Week 13: Get Low

“Around and Around”

I've always wanted to capture the staircases in the Capitol buildings and late Wednesday night I slipped between the wall and the staircase in the basement level and looked all the way up. The lighting is dim in the daytime and even darker after hours, but I still liked the image. I took quite a few photos in DC during hours and after hours. Plus if you want to compare the color versions versus black and white (my personal challenge this year) go to my blog for more pictures that look up! Also just realizes this marks my 3.5-year mark exactly - 182 consecutive weeks of photos.

Other photos from this week:

Color version of submission:

Just slightly below the stage:

Canon House Office Building on Independence at night:

Inside the Library of Congress:

The escalator and stair obligatory photos:

More Library of Congress:

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