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52Frames 2023 - Week 5: Black and White

“ Structure ”

I had to be in DC this week for a meeting. I had planned on wandering the office buildings and the Library of Congress to get a few photos for this week's challenge. Unfortunately my meeting ran late and I had to get on the road to get home and pick up the dog before the doggy daycare closed. So I honestly forgot to go take any photos inside any building like I have planned. Instead of the curved staircases and photos of the columns and tiles I planned - I grabbed two photos from outside on my way out of town. I took these photos because the sky was so blue and the clouds wispy... but of course the theme is black and white... for this week and all year for me. Oh the irony! Still love this photo in black and white though. Structure... not just a building but a foundation for the country.

#blackandwhite #PhonePhotography #PhonePhotographer #NicoleBeusHarris #NDBHphotography #UnitedStatesCapitol #USgovernment #architecture #structure #LeadingLines

Alternate photo:

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