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52Frames 2023 - Week 1: Self-Portrait

“ New Year... Same Pace! ”

So I was hoping that the start of 2023 would be a little calmer, a little less drama, etc., but my car was totaled on January 1st and it's been as hectic or more so ever since. So I think my dog Fiona has the solution for everyone this year: "When all else fails, HUG A DOG!" I know that when my days, weeks, and months are a blur Fiona helps to stop me in my tracks and breathe. So I hope that everyone has a "Fiona" in their life that will help them slow down, breathe, get a hug, and be rejuvenated in 2023! FYI - I am attempting to do an entire year in black and white - or more than 70% black and white content in each photo this year (this allows the color challenges.) Wish me luck in my extra challenge and I apologize to everyone who follows me for my sunsets.

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