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52Frames 2022 - Week 5: Black & White

"Hiding in the Reeds"

I love black & white photography and if you look at my account you'll see black & white fairly often, but this week I wasn't truly motivated. I took photos all week of everything I saw on my walks in the cold and then I finally had an idea on Sunday and went out to take photos of historic Cambridge. So why are you seeing a heron and not historic Cambridge? I put up my favorite photos from this week and my small group loved this photo the most. This photo was taken while walking the dog along the frozen creek. We see the heron almost daily, sometimes twice a day, and it is letting us get closer each time, but I still have to zoom in to get any detail. I share all of this because we might have a concept, but our audience loves something else. Keep shooting framers!

Alternate photos I considered or liked despite their flaws:

Frozen creek week 2!

I might come back to this and use this as motivation on leading lines week.

Yes, it's blurry. LOL

I tried so many things to get this foggy shot right, but this was the closest I got and it isn't great. I share it because I want to encourage people to keep trying.

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