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52Frames 2022 - Week 48: Animals

“ Ms. Sneezy Attack (aka my Fiona) ”

When my husband comes home he has a whole routine with our dog Fiona. "Alpha male" faces off against Fiona because Fiona thinks she's the alpha in this house. So Fiona runs to him every single time and they start showing their teeth. Now I love this because Fiona cannot show her ferocious teeth without starting to sneeze. So we go from protecting mommy to sneezing uncontrollably for several minutes at a time. This leads to lots of laughter and then Fiona comes to me and tries to be comforted while also making sure that daddy doesn't get more attention than she does. Oh, the jealousy! So I know she looks ferocious, but honestly, it's hilarious. I did the pop art effect to try and highlight the lighthearted side of this and I thought a compilation of all the sneeze motions would help.

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