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52Frames 2022 - Week 4: Minimalist

“ The Seagull Stands Alone ”

I had a lot of fun documenting the iced over creek this week. I tried to capture it at different times of day and with different cloud/sun/moon lighting. This was an overcast day, one of the colder days of the week when the ice was thicker - not that it has to be very thick for the seagulls to stand and walk across the creek. Even the geese did a lot of walking rather than swimming this week. I took a lot of photos this week for my own documentation and for a website for our neighborhood. This got the most feedback for my minimalism and the colors captured. I took it from the 4th floor looking down at the creek and it is really zoomed in so I did shake reduction in PS. I do enjoy the abstract look this took.

Other alternate photos:

Blurry bird - oops!

Maybe not minimalist enough, but I still love the line of birds.

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