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52Frames 2022 - Week 38: Single Light Source

“ Reflection ”

It's 2 am Saturday morning and I'm just finishing another long day of working. Between running campaigns, end-of-year marketing clients, going to school full time, and running my neighborhood HOA - I'm exhausted this week. Today my eyes have really been bugging me with the computer and allergies and I picked up a lighted travel mirror that I keep close by to see (for the 50th time) if something was actually in my eye AND my photo idea hit me. So I turned off the light and tried a few quick photos and TADA! I'm not sure how I feel about my fingertips, but I'm too tired to do more than laugh at the moment. Maybe something else will strike me, but I kind of like this to finish my 3rd year... this is my 155th consecutive photo. Haven't missed a week since I started in September of 2019.

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