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52Frames 2022 - Week 37: Portrait of a Stranger

“ The Caterers ”

I finally asked a stranger (well 2 in this case) to allow me to take their photo. They had a sense of humor because they said since we introduced ourselves, we weren't strangers anymore. I told him I only had hours until the deadline & it took me all week to work up the courage to ask someone. He laughed & said we were close enough to strangers to still count. My husband & I went to an event this evening (Sunday) & they had a big buffet for dinner. Considering we live in the land of great crab cakes, my husband said these were the best he ever had & he wanted to meet the chef. When I saw the little kitchen with this HUGE stove, I wanted that as the backdrop for the photo. So the caterers cooperated & I was very happy because now I am 2 weeks away from 3 consecutive years of submissions.

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