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52Frames 2022 - Week 35: Edited By Someone Else

“ It's My Birthday and I'll... ”

It's my birthday & I'll play if I want to, play if I want to! So seriously, my birthday is submission day & I wanted something fun & whimsical to celebrate so I started with the flask & M&Ms on a white surface & my editor took it from there. In my FB small group we put up our photos & anyone could edit them & then we could choose. I am so thankful to Тейлор Мэйбл Роуз, Kat HB, Elen Villovs PIllovs, & Liz Weber for editing this shot of mine. This is Liz's edit which I chose because I wanted color & whimsy & she delivered. I also want to thank Marco Ciavolino for his edit of this (which I will post below & on my blog) because it made me smile & brought back lots of memories & I think most people will enjoy it. Below I'll thank others who edited other photos not chosen this week.

Other edits of my candy photo:

Marco Ciavolino's option...

Now for the edit that I really do love from my good friend Marco Ciavolino. This brought back so many memories, BUT I actually learned about the dancing baby too. I didn't realize some of this info included in the links.

The only reason I chose not to go with it is because I really wanted something more colorful for my birthday submission. I am putting this on my blog ( and linking people to Marco's 52Frames blog as well. He has some great shots and a lot of learning opportunities too.

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