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52Frames 2022 - Week 29: Common Object

“ The Right Tool for the Right Job ”

I know this might be a trigger for someone, but I have grown up with firearms. I was taught that there is a right caliber for every job where a firearm is needed. In my family we would use small calibers to take care of the squirrels ruining our orchards, my family's livelihood. My grandfather, father, and eventually myself used another caliber for our jobs in law enforcement. When we've gone hunting - we've needed another caliber - a different tool. Of course it depends on what you're hunting as to what ammo you use. Living on the Eastern Shore of Maryland as an adult a shotgun does me more good than growing up out west where we might hunt elk. So I look at ammo and the corresponding firearm as a tool and it's important to know which tool for the job at hand.

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