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52Frames 2022 - Week 28: Silhouette

“ Dish Betrayed ”

Hey, diddle, diddle... And the dish ran away with the spoon! Well until the fork stole the spoon! Spotted this week the fork led the spoon in a hurried run under the full moon's light. I was just lucky enough to catch the action. LOL I had planned a sunset silhouette or even a sunrise silhouette photo for the week, but the weather really didn't cooperate the days I had time - too many clouds and storms. So for some reason the childhood rhyme came to mind and I did the set-up on my copy board. What can I say - I was feeling like I needed something funny as my submission. I hope you laughed!

SOOC alternative shots. I went with the fork and spoon because I felt whimsical, so I didn't do editing on these.

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