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52Frames 2022 - Week 27: Negative Space

“ Damsel in Distress ”

A damselfly flew into my car at sunset one night this week. It got itself trapped between my dash & window & while it took my finger a couple times, it never held on. So I decided to let it rest, but I was determined to leave it at the beach rather than take it home. What if it had a family? I told myself. While it rested I grabbed 2 photos. This was the distance shot. I decided to use the Adamski effect again that I learned in another challenge. This wasn't the group favorite, but I feel such a pull to damsel & dragonflies & this one's color in particular - so I decided this was my shot of the week. Just so everyone knows, it did finally accept my help & flew off into the night sky & then I returned home. The next day I was rewarded with dragonflies & damselflies a plenty while I swam.

Other photos from the challenge week:

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