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52Frames 2022 - Week 21: Inspired By a Photographer

“ Going Home from the Corner Market ”

I used the generator on Monday to get Mary Ellen Mark, American Photographer. She was quite diverse in her work, but everything I looked at was black & white, so I did my choices in BW. I was most drawn to her street photography & trying to capture some raw spontaneous moments. I tried to get out to photograph all week, but at 8pm on Sunday night I finally did! I captured this photo while driving to the wharf where I thought I might get a good photo.(Clarification - I pulled over quickly & stopped for this.) It's a little blurry but so were a few of Mary Ellen Mark's. I felt this one captured real life & a scene you would normally overlook. My main goal was capturing the same kind of emotion with my photo that I had with hers. This was definitely spontaneous & had the most emotion for me.

Other photos from the week:

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