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52Frames 2022 - Week 15: Extreme Closeup


My friends & small group people will be surprised with my submission this week because none of them saw this photo. HAHA! I had some other photos I was debating between, when with less than 4 hours to go - I decided to hit up my oregano plant with a flashlight in the dark! This is not a macro photo (I've been searching for my bag with my various lenses for over 6 weeks now - ugh!) While it isn't filling the whole frame considering the true size of the leaf is less than half an inch, I think it works. PLUS filling the frame meant not including the little 'hairs' around the edge of the leaf & I think that's half the magic of the details. I also chose to leave the blurred little leaves below this one in the shot because I wanted to show it connected to the plant. So fun close to the deadline!

Other contenders for the week:

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