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52Frames 2022 - Week 14: Nature

“ I ❤️ Orchards! ”

It was a rainy, windy week around home this week, at least it was for any time I was available to go for a nature walk. So I settled for something close to the old house. On Saturday I returned to the house we're trying to downsize away from & the pear trees are in full bloom. I will really miss our little orchard of apple & pear trees when we fully move. I grew up surrounded by almond orchards & now my fruit trees are the best part of spring at the house. I thought about using my photo globe but I thought about this heart prism instead just to be different & try a kaleidoscope effect. It wasn't exactly what I hoped for, but this was the best one of what I tried. I chose this one for 2 reasons 1. The prism effect was the crispest & 2. There is the one pear blossom showing on the left.

Other choices this week:

Too much zoom and not set up for the heron deciding to fly away.

Again - zoomed and blurry with heron flying.

An abandoned duck nest.

My best signal for true spring!

Nature disrupting the birthday party.

Failed prism shots...

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