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52Frames 2022 - Week 13: Emotion

“ Tá brón orm ”

tá brón orm (Irish) Origin & history Literally ‘sorrow is on me’ On Monday a friend of mine posted on Facebook this Irish phrase & a little explanation of it. The gist of it stuck with me all week: Sorrow or sadness is "on me" versus "I am sad." The difference in identifying yourself as the emotion, vs the emotion being on you for a time, is kind of a big deal. The fleetingness of emotion in this sense can kind of change one's thinking about themselves. Perhaps whenever we are feeling sad, mad, or lonely we say "it is on me" rather than talking ourselves into identifying who we are with such a negative emotion. I will however, vote to say "I am happy" or "glad" or "thankful" or "blessed" because don't we want to speak the positive into our identity?!

Other attempts for this week:

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