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52Frames 2022 - Week 1: Self-Portrait

“ Color My World Please 2022 ”

In 2021, week 11's challenge was Color Relationship with the EC being Harris Shutter Effect. I had never tried HSE before & had a good time learning & playing with it last year. I had used a white background & was actually a little envious of those who used a black background & the depth of color they achieved. What better week to try a little HSE again, but self-portrait week! Our world has fantastic colors everywhere you look & as photographers (even hobbyists) we look for the right color & tone to convey our message to the viewer - right?! So here's my hope & wish for 2022 - may the year be full of color (except for black & white weeks) and may we find ways to touch other people's hearts with our eye for color, tone, settings, and composition. May 2022 be colorful in all the right ways!

Here's the original photo and some other Harris Shutter Effect versions I tried.

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