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52Frames 2021 - Week 8: Roll Credits

“Love and Justice”

Movie Preview: He bled out on their bed. No signs of a struggle. No suspects, no motive, but one anonymous tip, "The wife did it." The happiest couple on the block, the couple who had it all, the couple that helped their neighbors before they could be asked - they were not who they appeared to be. What was their life and love all about? Will justice be served? Movie summary: Wife arrested for her husband's murder as she comes home late. Ripped from her porch, not even knowing her husband has been murdered & she's thrown into a dark interrogation room filled with cigarette smoke. A two year battle for her life ensues with every friend abandoning her at some point until one day a stranger comes forward with the key. Her name is cleared, but her future is not here any longer.

Audience left with this as its final image.

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