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52Frames 2021 - Week 52: Combine 3 Challenges

“ Filling In ”

Woman B/W Shot w/a Phone Being on the radio isn't my normal job, but filling in has become fairly regular in 2021. I took this photo on Friday not intending for it to be my photo of the week, but honestly I struggled getting motivated this week and people in the subgroup seemed to like this one the best. Now I'll have to get creative with my selfie in 2 weeks because y'all will be tired of my face. I'll post my other photos (all taken on Sunday trying to get motivated) on my website. Let me know what you think.

**This week's challenge could be any combo of 3 challenges from the first 51 weeks of 2021. While I selected this photo and listed 3 weeks it could have qualified for, there were actually a couple additional weeks that could have worked.

These are other photos I took for this challenge and did not submit:

Wabi-Sabi, Wide-Angle, Get Low

Wabi-Sabi, Get Low, Shot with a Phone (or even could have been Red week)

Daily Routine, BW, Shot with a Phone

Daily Routine, Leading Lines, Shot with a Phone, BW

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