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52Frames 2021 - Week 51: In the Middle

“ Heart in the Middle ”

I grew up with my grandparent's egg ranch, a half a million chickens on the ranch - so I love eggs. I collect a lot of egg related antique items. These hollowed out eggs were my mother-in-law's. She passed away in 2020 and when I found this basket of eggs she had blown out I asked if anyone else wanted them and no one did. My husband said she'd take them and paint them in her native country's tradition. I wish these had been painted, but I still look at this basket of eggs and this one in particular and think of her love of painting. She was a prolific painter, I'm currently cataloging her canvas paintings for the family and so far I have photographed about 150 pieces. Amazing talent!

Other photos I tried this week...

My lemon tree blooming again.

I liked this duck so calmly sitting in the middle of his own wake.

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